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Email Account Setup on Android

In case you still do not have a mailbox, you first need to set up an email account in cPanel.

The settings described in this article apply for mobile devices using Android.

Adding an Еmail Account on Android

To set up an email account on Android, run the built-in email client from the Email icon.

Email icon

If you already have at least one configured email account, select Menu to add a new one.


Then go to Add account.

Add account

If you cannot find the Email icon, access Settings » Accounts.

Settings » Accounts

Then select Email » Account settings.

Email » Account settings

And go to Add account.

Add account

СAfter you select Add account, the first step of the email setup will be loaded.


Account setup: Fill in the full email address and your password, then click Sign In.

Sign In

What type of account is this? Select IMAP.


Username & Password

Enter the full email address (myemail@mysitename.com) and the password set upon the email address creation.

Username & Password

Username: enter the email address.

Password: fill in the email account password.

Server: in the Server field enter the name of the server where your account is hosted, e.g. server*.superhosting.bg.

server – replace with the hosting server name;

Important: Upon entering the hosting server name (server-name.superhosting.bg), you can select Security type to secure the SSL/TLS connection to the mail server.

Note: If you enter your domain name in the Server field and there is no installed SSL certificate for the mail service, you will receive the notification “The Certificate is invalid”. Tap ОК to close the message and then enter in the Server field the name of the server where your account is hosted.

Security type: select SSL/TLS;

Server port: select 993

IMAP path prefix: In case you notice problems with discovering your emails, you need to fill in this field after adding your account: INBOX.

• Continue with Next.


SMTP server

Fill in data for the outgoing server.

SMTP server

SMTP server: here you should enter the hosting server name again.

Port: 465

Security Type: SSL/TLS

Require sign-in: this option must be checked.

Username: enter the email address.

Password: enter the email account password.

• Continue with Next.


At this point your email account is successfully configured on your Android device. Finally, you need to decide if this will be your default email account, whether you will get a notification when a message is received and whether to synchronize emails in this account as well as if all attached files from incoming messages will be automatically downloaded when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Account setup

• Finish the setup by clicking Next. With this step your email account is fully set up.

Updated on 19.10.2021

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