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Terms and conditions of use for service renewal via automatic payment method

Art. 1. The Provider offers to its customers the functionality to make automatic payments by credit and debit cards when renewing the services they use.

Art. 2. In the event of ordering services and choosing a payment method by credit / debit card, the Provider offers the customers the functionality to automatically make recurring payments for his services with the card’s data he has entered. The payment cyclicity, the counterparty and the means of payment are set automatically as specified in the order. The customer can deactivate automatic payments at any time by using the relevant functionality in his customer profile.

Art. 3. The Provider doesn’t have access to any bank card data of the Customer and cannot store any bank data in its systems. The required bank data is inserted by the Customer on a payment page owned by the Bank intermediary and only the Bank has the right to store any bank card data. The bank gives the provider a unique code (token) that corresponds to the card, as well as the type, the expiration date and the disguised/hidden card number.

Art. 4. When making an automatic payment, the Provider submits the unique code (token) and the amount of the payment to the Bank. When this is done successfully the Bank makes a transaction with the card corresponding to the already sent code (token).

Art. 5. At any time the Customer can add payment information by entering bank card data through his client profile. For the validation of the card it’s obligatory to be made an order worth BGN 0.10 to the Bank intermediary of the payment. This transaction is immediately cancelled afterwards through a request for cancellation. In this way the card is validated without withdrawing an amount from it.

Art. 6. At any time through his client profile the Customer can turn on or turn off the automatic renewal for the services of his choice, as well as delete / change the inserted bank card information.

Art. 7. (1) In case of selected automatic payment, the Customer can adjust the cyclicity of the payment (a period for which each service is to be renewed) through his client profile, as well as the means of payment if there is more than one bank card and counterparty for the payment – the person to whom the invoice will be issued.

(2) In case the Customer has chosen a certain means of payment for automatic payment of a service, the same means of payment will be offered by default for making all recurring payments with the same client profile. The Customer can choose at any time another means of payment to pay for the services.

Art. 8. (1) Before executing the automatic payment for the expiring services, the Provider must notify the Customer by email. The email contains important information about the type of the expiring services, the amount to be paid and the date on which the payment will be made. The notification is sent 15 days prior to the expiration date of the service(s). The payment is executed 7 working days after sending the notification.

(2) For the services with activated automatic payment, the Provider doesn’t send to the Customer reminders for the expiration date of the services except for the notification for upcoming payment, described in the previous line.

Art. 9. The Provider sends to the Customer a reminder for the expiration date of the bank card(s) inserted as an automatic payment method for one or more services in his client profile. When the specified automatic payment must be done after the card’s expiration date, the customer has the obligation to change the card data by entering a new validation date when a new bank card is issued with the same card data or to introduce a new valid card as described in Art. .5.

Art. 10. When an automatic payment is executed for a service, the Customer has the right to refuse the payment within 10 working days from the date of payment. The provider is obliged to refund the customer with the amount paid, except in the cases described in the General Terms and Conditions of use of the provider https://en.superhosting.bg/web-hosting-page-terms-and-agreements.php – Art. 5. (5), (6) and 7

In addition to the described cases of inability for full or partial refund of the paid amount, at his discretion the Provider may apply additional charges of BGN 30.00 incl. VAT for late cancellation when the customer refuses to renew a service in time for which an automatic payment has already been made.

Art. 11. The processing of automatic payments doesn’t differ from the other types of payments. On the specified payment date the Provider’s system creates an automatic order that includes the expiring services, then an automatic transaction is made through the Bank intermediary of the payment, the order is activated, the services are renewed. At the end of the process the Provider’s system sends to the Customer a confirmation email for successful payment and all the necessary financial documents issued for the executed payment.

Art. 12. In case the attempt for the automatic payment fails, the Provider shall notify the Customer, and if there’s an available information from the Bank the Provider shall share the reason for the failed payment attempt. After resolving the payment issue, the Provider periodically makes new automatic attempts to execute the payment and renew the service(s).

Art. 13. The Provider is not responsible for services that have not been renewed as a result of unsuccessful attempts for automatic payment, which may be due to an expired validation period of the bank card, insufficient amount in the bank account, blocked card etc.

Art. 14. The provider makes attempts for automatic payments no later than 2 days prior the final renewal date. If the Provider’s system doesn’t execute a successful payment within the renewal period, the Customer will receive an email to his account’s primary email with a full information about the failed renewal and an attached pro forma invoice. In this way the Customer can choose another payment method offered by the Provider to pay in time.

Updated on 17.03.2022

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