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Terms and Conditions for .bg Domains Registration by SuperHosting.BG

Registration of .bg domains is related to additional requirements, including the Registrant’s (the person who registers a domain) verification of identity as well as signing a registration request or authorizing SuperHosting.BG to perform the domain registration.

Note: The terms and conditions for registering a Cyrillic domain (име.bg/име.бг) are the same as when registering a Latin domain (name.bg).

1. Signing a domain registration request

Signing a domain registration request is one of the most important steps when registering a .bg domain. By signing the request, the Registrant declares the desire to register the selected domain name and gets verified in front of Register.bg/Имена.БГ.

The registration request can be signed directly by the Registrant or the Registrant may authorize SuperHosting.BG to sign it.

The request is automatically generated BY US through the Register’s system as to generate it we use the data entered upon configuration. A domain is reserved for 30 days after a registration request has been generated. The domain registration request is sent BY US to the Registrant’s e-mail address, specified upon configuration. If the Registrant has chosen to authorize SuperHosting.BG for signing the request instead, we would send a power of attorney with filled in data and the request would be signed by us!!!

Manually generated by the Registrant requests through the Register.bg/Имена.БГ system CANNOT BE processed by us, but only by the respective Register. For this reason you should not generate such requests manually!!!

The main difference between signing a registration request and a power of attorney is with legal persons, since the registration request can be directly signed by the company’s managing director, sealed and sent to our office.

The power of attorney, however, shall be signed in ONE OF the two ways:

  • With a digital signature;
  • In front of a Notary Public.

For natural persons it does not matter whether they will sign a registration request or a power of attorney since both of the documents SHOULD BE notarized or signed with a digital signature.

2. Registrant verification of identity

To register a .bg domain, the Registrant’s verification of identity is required.

For natural persons verification is performed by presenting an ID Card upon signing the registration request or the power of attorney.

For legal persons the respective company documents should be presented.

All companies (organizations) registered at the Commercial Register do not need to submit further verification documents if their good standing can be checked online at the Commercial Register.

For the rest of the legal persons, not registered at the Commercial Register one of the following documents should be provided depending on the company’s status:

a/ Certificate of good standing of the company (organization)

The certificate of good standing should not be older than six months. If there is no “valid until” date specified on the document, the date of issue is important. A copy of the certificate should be attached, as the document shall be signed by the company manager and certified as a true copy with a company seal. Certificate of good standing is issued by the Court as the Register also accepts certificates issued by Information Services Jsc.

b/ Company (organization) incorporation court ruling

For newly-established companies (organizations), incorporation court ruling plays the role of a Certificate of good standing during the first six (6) months.

The documents should be sent to the following address: 1797 Sofia, Iztok Residential Area, 36 Dr. G. M. Dimitrov Blvd.

Please send the digitally signed documents to the following email address: sales@superhosting.bg.

3. Grounds for using a name – PROTECTED AND UNPROTECTED domain

Upon registering a .bg domain name you can decide whether to register the name by using grounds. This way the domain name will become PROTECTED after being registered. This means that after the registration procedure is once completed, other parties cannot claim to register this name.

The grounds for registration might be the Registrant’s trade name, the company (organization) name, a registered trademark, geographic name, name of a cultural, sports, scientific or other type of event. The grounds should be present by the precise date of domain registration.

If you are unable to provide grounds for registering the domain, it can only be registered as UNPROTECTED.

If a domain is UNPROTECTED this means it can be withdrawn, deleted or provided to other persons. Also, the grounds may be applied 3-4 months after the domain registration as this way the domain becomes PROTECTED. When a domain is UNPROTECTED it is possible for a third party to claim using the name if the party has grounds which were present before the domain’s registration date.

Updated on 18.03.2022

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