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Transferring a .bg Domain

.bg domains can be transferred from one Registrar to another as long as they are accredited by the Register. SuperHosting.BG is an accredited Registrar of .bg domains so we fully support this opportunity.

Important: With Cyrillic domains (such as име.bg/име.бг) the transfer is valid for the domain pair. In case both domains from the pair are registered, the transfer is necessarily performed for the two of them.

Conditions for transferring a .bg domain name to a new Registrar:

1. The price for the domain transfer is equal to the price for renewal of a .bg domain for 12 months.

2. The domain is renewed for 12 months following the completion of transfer procedure date.

3. The period until the previous domain registration expiry is lost. To use the entire paid registration period of a given domain it would be best if you can initiate the transfer during the last month of the previous domain registration period. This way the lost period will be reduced to only one month.

Of course, if the Registrant would like this, there is no problem for the transfer to be initiated at any time from the domain registration period.

To complete the domain transfer, you need to:

1. Submit a transfer request through our website.

2. After the request is paid and initiated, the domain should be configured.

Documents required for .bg domain transfer:

1. Natural persons

If the domain is registered by a natural person, the only document required for initiating the transfer is a signed domain transfer request or a power of attorney in favor of SuperHosting.BG, which authorizes us to represent the Registrant in front of Register.BG.

For legal persons, except for a signed request or a power of attorney, presenting (sending) an official document verifying the company’s standing is also required.

If the company (organization) is entered upon the Commercial Register, checking the circumstances at the Registry Agency is performed by us.

For the rest of the legal persons, not registered at the Commercial Register ONE of the following documents should be provided together with the power of attorney depending on the company’s status:

а/ Certificate of good standing of the company (organization)

The certificate of good standing should not be older than six months. Is there is no “valid until” date specified on the document, the date of issue is important. A copy of the certificate should be attached, as the document shall be signed by the company manager and certified as a true copy with a company seal. Certificate of good standing is issued by the Court as the Register also accepts certificates issued by Information Services Jsc.

b/ Company (organization) incorporation court ruling

For newly-established companies (organizations), incorporation court ruling plays the role of a Certificate of good standing during the first six (6) months.

The documents should be sent to the following address: 1797 Sofia, Iztok Residential Area, 36 Dr. G. M. Dimitrov Blvd.

Please send the digitally signed requests to the following e-mail address: sales@superhosting.bg.

After initiating a domain transfer and presenting the documents on behalf of the customer, the domain transfer is performed within 24 hours.

Updated on 30.03.2022

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