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Transfer of a .bg Domain to a New Registrant

A Registrant has the right to transfer .bg domain names to another Registrant as this changes the domain’s ownership. Transfer of a .bg domain (change of Registrant) and transferring a .bg domain are different procedures which can be performed only one after another.

When transferring to a new Registrant the activity period as well as the domain settings are preserved.

In order to transfer, the current domain Registrant needs to sign a transfer declaration to declare the right to transfer the domain ownership and management to another person (natural or legal). The declaration is prepared by a SuperHosting.BG representative.

A domain name can be transferred from a natural to a natural or a legal person or from a legal to another legal or a natural person.

For the new Registrant the transfer procedure is the same as with the registration procedure for a new .bg domain name.

For a .bg domain to be transferred from one person to another:

1. The current and the future owners should both agree with the transfer.

2. Our sales department should be contacted and the necessary documents for the transfer shall be prepared.

The domain transfer procedure (change of Registrant) usually takes up to 5 business days.

You can read help information on submitting a request for changing a domain ownership in the following article: Changing .bg Domain Data.

Documents for transfer of a .bg domain name for the new owner:

1. Natural persons

If the domain is about to be transferred to a natural person, the only document required by the new Registrant is a signed domain registration request in favor of SuperHosting.BG, which authorizes us to represent the Registrant in front of Register.BG.

For legal persons, except for a signed request or a power of attorney, presenting (sending) an official document verifying the company’s standing is also required.

If the company (organization) is entered upon the Commercial Register, checking the circumstances at the Registry Agency is performed by us.

For all other legal persons, not registered at the Commercial Register along with the power of attorney ONE of the following documents should be provided depending on the company’s status:

a/ Certificate of good standing of the company (organization)

The certificate of good standing should not be older than six months. Is there is no “valid until” date specified on the document, the date of issue is important. A copy of the certificate should be attached, as the document shall be signed by the company manager and certified as a true copy with a company seal. Certificate of good standing is issued by the Court as the Register also accepts certificates issued by Information Services Jsc.

b/ Company (organization) incorporation court ruling

For newly-established companies (organizations), incorporation court ruling plays the role of a Certificate of good standing during the first six (6) months.

c/ Reference pursuant to the BULSTAT Register

For foundations, associations and all organizations not entered upon the Commercial Register a notarized copy of a Reference issued by the BULSTAT Register not older than one month must be submitted or it should be presented as an original copy in our office.

The documents should be sent to the following address: 1797 Sofia, Iztok Residential Area, 36 Dr. G. M. Dimitrov Blvd.

Please send the digitally signed requests to the following e-mail address: sales@superhosting.bg.

Updated on 18.03.2022

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