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.bg domain registration/transfer by a person outside Bulgaria

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The conditions for .bg domain registration have been imposed by and require identification of the person registering the domain. When this person, physical or legal, is located outside Bulgaria, domain registration has some specific requirements. Here we will review the most common cases:

1. Registrant is a company based in the European Union (EU)

To register a domain in the name of a company based in the EU, you will need to send us the following documents:

- Link to an official website, where a reference as to company manager, company ID number and registration address may be made. The website must provide an option for a free check and must have an English-language version.

When the company is based in Great Britain, we will require a certificate issued by Companies House, as this certificate must specify the name of the company’s representative. The short form certificate version, in which the manager’s name is not specified, may not be used for domain registration purposes. Therefore, we have to receive a copy of the certificate's full version. Any fees due for the full certificate version’s issue shall be paid by the registrant.

After receiving a document, we will reserve the domain (by placing a transfer request) and will send you a document, which we expect to receive back as an original copy. The document must be sent by mail or courier service to our address in Sofia.

the foreign company does not have a company seal, you will need to include a signed authorization that authorizes SuperHosting.BG Ltd. to register the domain in the name of the company. Such an authorization must be signed before a Bulgarian Consul in the country where the registrant is located. Domain price is exclusive of courier expenses and notarial/consular fees.

2. Registrant is a physical person, who is a citizen of a European Union member state or a Bulgarian citizen abroad

When the .bg domain registrant is a physical person, who is a EU citizen, this person must sign an authorization before a Consul in a Bulgarian Embassy. This authorization shall authorize SuperHosting.BG to perform the domain registration by representing the registrant before Then, the original copy of the authorization must be sent to our address in Sofia. If there is no Bulgarian Embassy near the registrant, and as the certification procedure is associated with additional costs, it may be considered whether it would be more appropriate for the domain to be registered in the name of a company, a friend, or a relative of the registrant (located in Bulgaria). In this manner, the other party may sign the domain registration document, and later, when the aforementioned obstacles are removed, transfer the domain to the actual registrant.

Important! In order to change the registrant's name, the domain must have never been reserved with the data of the person who is abroad. Once being reserved, the domain may only be registered by the person who reserved it.

3. Registrant is a person who is not a EU citizen or a company that has not been registered on the territory of the Community

The rules set by allow for the domain to also be registered by a person who is not a EU citizen, as well as by a company that has not been registered on the territory of the community, only when the domain is being registered through a proxy. The proxy must be a person or a company in the EU. In this case, authorization of SuperHosting.BG is sufficient to register the domain on behalf of the registrant. An authorization must be signed for this purpose.

- When the registrant is located outside Bulgaria:

The authorization must be signed at a Bulgarian Consulate in the country where the registrant is located. Bulgarian Consul abroad serves as a notary public, notarizing the signature affixed on the authorization. After the authorization is notarized by a Consul, it must be sent to our address in Sofia. After document receipt, the domain will be registered.

4. Registrant is a Bulgarian citizen abroad

The easiest way for a Bulgarian citizen outside Bulgaria to register a .bg domain is by means of a digital signature. A qualified digital signature (QDS), issued by certified bodies issuing digital signatures in Bulgaria, may be used for this purpose. Such issuing bodies are Infonotary, B-Ttrust, Information Services, etc.

If the registrant does not have a digital signature, it will be easier for them to let the domain be registered by a friend or a relative in Bulgaria and perform a change of ownership procedure later when they return to Bulgaria. For this purpose, the domain must be configured with a friend or a relative’s data, and then this person must sign an authorization or registration request.

Another option is that the authorization is signed before a Bulgarian Consul at an embassy. After the document is certified before a Consul, it must be sent to us in its original paper form.

5. Registrant is a physical or a legal person in a EU-member state or a non-EU member state, but they have a Bulgarian proxy.

If the registrant has authorized a person in Bulgaria to represent them by means of a notarized authorization, the domain may be registered, as the proxy signs the registration document in place of the registrant. For that purpose, we will require that authorization to make a copy of the original.

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