How to Generate a Full Backup?

You can generate and download a complete backup of your hosting account with SuperHosting.BG through cPanel.

The full backup makes a copy of all of your emails, files, databases, settings, etc. in your hosting account.

Note: Backup generation refers to the hosting account’s current state.

The backup can be downloaded locally and so can keep a copy of the information in the account.

Note: It is highly recommended to fully backup every time before you make any changes to your website. In this way you will be able to recover any information if needed.

To generate a full backup, log into cPanel with your username and password, then select the Backup menu and click on the Download a Full Website Backup button.

Generate a Full Backup

All previously generated  backups are available in the “Backups Available for Download” (1) section.

Create a new backup (2) by selecting Backup Destination -> “Home Directory” from the drop-down menu. The backup will be created in your hosting account’s home directory.

Fill in the “Email Address” field. When the backup is created, you will be notified on the specified email. Click on the “Generate Backup” button.

After generation is completed, you can download the backup from the “Backups Available for Download” (1) section or through FTP (recommended for large backups).

Updated on 15.11.2021

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