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You can access your hosting account backups in the cPanel of all Linux hosting plans, offered by SuperHosting.BG. The Backup Manager by SuperHosting allows you to generate, download or restore content from previous backups.

The options are divided into two main sections: Restoring information from backup and  Download Backup.

Restoring data from a backup

From this section, in the Backup Manager, you can restore directories, files and databases. The number of available archives depends on the hosting plan you use.

To restore data using Backup Manager you do not have to download a full backup.

Restoring directories and files

This menu enables you to restore directories and files from a selected backup.

Select backup date

Select backup date

First select the date of the archive. Click on the calendar icon and then on the desired date. You can see the time when the generation of backup is completed.

Select folder

You have to select the path to the directory and/or the file which you would like to restore. You can select more than one directory and/or file. Therefore you need to click on the plus sign on the right.

Selecting a directory and a file to restore

The selected directory will be restored from a backup along with all of the containing files and directories.

When a backup is restored, all the content will be overwritten. If there are any changes made after the first backup date, they will be lost.

Symbols, numbers, Latin uppercase and lowercase letters are allowed. To restore directories and files involving Cyrillic names or containing special symbols, you have to select a parent directory.

If only “/” is entered the whole information for the files and directories of the account websites will be restored.

The date of the backup from which restoring will be performed is displayed in front of the fields where you enter the directories and files to be recovered.

Restoring а database

Selecting a database to restore

This menu enables you to recover databases.

Select backup date

Select the date of the archive. It is possible to restore database from one backup and files from another with different date.

In the box with “Existing” databases you will see the currently available databases. To restore the database content you need to select the database. The selected databases are listed in the “For Restoration” box.

If a particular database has been deleted and you want to restore it, first you need to create it in cPanel > “MySQL databases”.

It is possible that the information will not be displayed correctly after being restored, especially if the database uses different encoding and collations.

Important: Upon database recovery, the current content will be deleted. If there are any changes made or/and any data is added after the backup date, they will be lost.

Download Backup

Requesting a system backup

This menu enables you to download a system backup of the hosting account on your computer (this includes files, databases, emails, email forwarding settings and email filters).

Select backup date

Select the date of the archive.

Requesting a system backup

You can change automatically filled email address with different one. You will receive a download link for the backup. Please note that after you have requested your backup, it needs to be converted to appropriate format which takes some time.

Requested backups

A list of generated backups

The table contains the requested backups along with their date and size. To download a backup, please click on the respective link.

The backups are available for download within 72 hours after they are generated. The date until a backup is available for download can be found in the “Available till” column.

Important: In order to perform another action using the Backup Manager, you will first have to wait until the active backup generation or recovery is finished.

Updated on 22.08.2023

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