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Administrative Data (WordPress Manager by SH)

Here you can modify the login data for the admin panel of your WordPress website.

To activate the “Administrative Data” menu button, you first need to select a WordPress Installation.

Main (system) email

Change the system mail in WordPress

Here you can modify the system email for your WordPress website. This email address is used for administrative purposes – receiving notifications for comments awaiting approval, new posts, registration of new users, etc.

Admin Panel

Change Administrator Data

The list will contain only users that are website administrators.

By accessing Enter administration you can log directly into the admin panel of your WordPress website.

Keep in mind that this option will not be active if the website’s domain is not redirected to the hosting server.

If you are logged into the WordPress panel while modifying the user’s administrative data, you will need to log in again by using the new data.

You cannot set up “admin” or “administrator” as a username because of security reasons.

Note: This menu does not allow you to create or delete WordPress users as this can be performed only through the system’s admin panel. Here you can alter already existing users having admin rights.

Additional Protection When Accessing the Website Administration

Additional security for website administration access

You can improve the level of security by password protection of the wp-admin directory.

After generating the username and password you will need to get identified twice when accessing the admin panel. First you will have to enter the access credentials for the additional protection and only then log into the admin panel.

Note: We do not recommend additional protection when accessing the website administration if the option for user registration has been disabled.
This article applies to: hosting services with cPanel and WordPress Manager by SuperHosting
Updated on 13.10.2021

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