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SSL Activation - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

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To enable SSL (secure connection) for the WordPress site, you will need an SSL certificate. You have the option to use an already purchased and issued SSL certificate or a free AutoSSL certificate.

If you have an SSL certificate other than AutoSSL, continue with its installation through the control panel cPanel » SSL/TLS » Manage SSL Hosts. Once the certificate is installed, enable secure sitelink (https://). To do this, you can use the Move option in WordPress Manager, by simply changing the address protocol from http:// to https://. Once the address is changed to https://, use the "Check for HTTP resources (loaded on HTTPS website)" option. With this check, you can fix HTTP site resources to load through HTTPS.

To use AutoSSL certificate for the site, you do not need to take any further action. AutoSSL certificates are automatically installed for all domains that are added to cPanel and are pointed to this hosting server. You can check if the site already has an AutoSSL certificate installed through cPanel » SSL/TLS Status.

This article applies to: hosting and Managed VPS services with cPanel



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