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WordPress Manager (SuperHosting Tools)

WordPress Manager is a new plugin that allows you to maintain multiple installations on your account.

It is supported on all shared hosting plans by SuperHosting.BG.

The options Move, Speed Up and WP-CLI are available on SuperPro and SuperHosting plans. To be able to use these options, the hosting account need to use one of those plans.

The Manager enables you to recover info from a backup, modify administrative data, move or copy installations and more.

WordPress Installations

To activate the plugin options, you first need to select a website. To do so, click on the Select (!) button on the right.

To refresh the list, use “Refresh installations list” button.

Available WordPress installations in a hosting account
Available WordPress installations in a hosting account.

If your account has more than three installations, you will see a drop-down menu instead of a list.

WordPress Tools

Selecting a specific installation will enable all of the WordPress Manager options.

The selected WordPress installation
The selected WordPress installation.

New WordPress Installation

Install new WordPress in your hosting account. The installation is performed very easily and quickly, with just a few clicks.

Security Checks

In this menu you can find the most important WordPress protections and activate additional protections for higher security.

Restore from Backup

Restore your site’s backup. Data is overwritten when restoring backups. Changes made after your last backup can not be restored. You will receive an email confirmation when your backup has been restored.

Administrative Data

Modify your administrator’s information – username, email and password, with ease from here. Add additional username and password protection to the administrative (wp-admin) directory.

Cron Jobs (WP-Cron)

Cron Jobs are used to execute specific set of actions, or tasks, in your WordPress site. You can specify whether these delayed actions run every time the site loads (i.e. for every site visitor), or whether all tasks are processed in your cPanel, independent of WordPress.
We recommend cPanel processing of tasks, because this results in reduced use of resources and a faster website. Please, note that Cron Jobs will be executed as requested in the schedule here.


Remove older and unused WordPress installations. This starts a process to erase all files, databases, themes and plugins, associated with this installation. Check your content carefully before deleting. If you have accidentally deleted an installation you can easily restore it from the Restore from Backup menu.


WordPress Manager by SuperHosting helps you manage quickly and effortlessly all of your hosting account’s WordPress installations. Importing works great if your WordPress installation isn’t visible by default after it has been manually installed, or if your site has been moved. You need to import the installation in order to manage it. Select the Import button to scan and import.

Move (Copy)

Move your old URL address to a new one with a few clicks should you need your site to load from another URL address. Choose a new name for your URL. Add a new Parked domain or Add-On domain in the control panel cPanel if the name is not already listed in the drop-down menu. Please leave the Subdirectory field empty if you want the site to load only from the main domain name.

Speed Up

Activate, quick and easy, additional modules to speed up your site with this tool.


Console management of the WordPress site. WP-CLI allows you to manage multiple WordPress installations in your hosting account.

SSL (https://)

To activate SSL (secure connection) for your WordPress website, you will need an SSL certificate.

Updated on 12.07.2023

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