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Move - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

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This menu enables you to move websites from one URL or directory to another as well as to copy WordPress installations.


First you need to configure the new URL. You have to set up a domain, an encrypted connection (https) or a subdirectory.

Setting relocation site

(1) Current address - Current address isn't changing, it is set according to the selected WordPress installation.

(2Display www? - Using dropdown menu select a protocol (http/https) and whether the new address is to be loaded with www by default.

(3New domain - If you want your website to load from another domain you could transfer the information from your old to your new domain with just few clicks. If domain is not available in the dropdown menu add it as Parked domain or Addon domain in cPanel.

(4Subdirectory - Not a mandatory field. Used if loading WordPress as a sub-directory, for example

After you finish these settings press “Forward”.

Keep the old installation/URL?

This step requires you to choose whether to keep or remove the original installation from your hosting account.

You can also return to the initial settings.

Would you like to keep the old information or to remove it from the hosting account?

Finish the configuration by clicking on Forward. After that the moving will start.

If it is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation notification. Depending on your settings, there are different options, for example:

Moving without keeping the original installation:
The website was successfully moved. The website's new URL is

Moving and keeping the original installation:
The website was successfully copied. The website's new URL is

Changing the URL by adding www.:
Your website's URL was successfully changed from to

If www. is dropped from the URL (e.g. changes to, no data (files or database) will be moved. In such cases only the system settings are modified in order to ensure future accessibility of the new URL.

Check for HTTP resources (loaded on HTTPS website)

info-iconImportant: Use the "Check for HTTP resources" option only after you have changed the address of your WordPress site to HTTPS, for example from to

The check for HTTP resources is applied in the WordPress site files and database.

See more information about this feature in the article: SSL Activation - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

info-iconImportant: Once the resources have been edited, if you are using a cache plugin, clear the cached information. Otherwise, it is possible to continue seeing the browser message that the site is loading insecure resources.

This article is about: hosting services with cPanel and WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

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