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Restore from Backup – WordPress Manager by SH

This menu enables you to restore your website from the latest backup of the hosting account.

The date of the last system backup

To restore a WordPress website, you first need to select it. If you access the menu without selecting an installation, all recoverable WordPress websites will be displayed, but the system won’t identify them as already available in the hosting account (recently deleted).

Before restoring, check the “Last system backup date” field.

Important: When restoring site from backup the existing data will be overwritten. If changes have been made after the date of the archive, these changes will be lost.

Restoring the site from the last system backup

You can choose what to restore – files (1) / database (2) only or both. Check or uncheck the respective option.

If you have recently deleted a WordPress installation, a list of all deleted installations will be generated under the “Other Installations” section at the page bottom.

After the action is completed, you will receive confirmation via email (3). Enter a valid email address to get notified when the backup is restored.

Start by clicking the Restore button.

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Updated on 15.11.2021

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