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Email Accounts in cPanel

You can create email accounts (mailboxes) for your domains under the Email Accounts menu in cPanel.

This menu enables you to manage the existing mailboxes, to change passwords or the allocated storage space and to restrict certain features.

Existing email accounts and options for managing them
Existing email accounts and options for managing them

Creating a new email account


You can create email accounts for each domain in cPanel. If your domain name is mysupersite.com, you can create an email address such as: info@mysupersite.com.

To create a new email account, click Create.

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List of email accounts

Search and filters

When there are too many mailboxes or accounts to different domains you can easily search for a specific account using the Search box or the filters.


The Filter option enables you to quickly sort the list and display only the email accounts with exceeded storage or the ones with restrictions.

Entries per page

You can choose the number of accounts displayed per page.

Entries per page

System email account

The system email account is used by cPanel. The username and password match the cPanel access credentials. This account can neither be deleted, nor exist without allocated storage space.

System email account


This section displays information about restrictions set for the email account. For each email account you can set restrictions for accessing the email, or for sending and receiving emails.


You can manage the email account restrictions through the Manage option.

Email account management


To change your password, the allocated storage space or the restrictions for a mailbox you need to click Manage.

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Changing the email account password or the allocated storage space, restriction settings.


You can delete an email account by using Delete which is displayed in the section for the email account.


You can also delete multiple email accounts at once. To do so, tick the accounts you wish to remove and click Delete which is located above the list.


Important: Upon deleting an email account all the existing data there will be also deleted.

Checking email

You can check your mailbox via Check Email.After clicking this button the browser will load a new tab with Webmail.

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Device setup

You will need certain data to set up the mailbox for an email client or program.

Device setup

In the Connect devices menu you can view all necessary data as well as scripts for automatic configuration of the used mail clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook, Mac Mail, iPhone, Android and others.

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Updated on 22.08.2023

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