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Speed up - WordPress Manager by SuperHosting

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This tool allows you to enable the Memcached technology that will boost the speed of your websites by cashing data.

To speed up your WordPress site, you need to activate also the PHP memcache module and the W3 Total Cache plugin.

Memcached Module

Memcached technology is enabled for this hosting accountMemcached is free and open-source software which is basically a distributed memory object caching system.

You can enable Memcached here by clicking on the Activate button or in Memcached Manager by SuperHosting.

info-iconYou can disable or restart the Memcached server in cPanel -> Memcached Manager by SuperHosting. Each time the service is activated, the port will change.

PHP Memcache Module (

PHP memcached module is activeTo make sure that the hosting account's PHP applications and WordPress websites connect and run properly with the Memcached server you need to use a PHP module. Here you can view whether the PHP memcache module is enabled. It will be used by WordPress for connecting and running with the Memcached server.

The Unavailable status means that the domain where WordPress is installed is still not pointed to this hosting account or that DNS information propagation is not over. Use an A record or DNS to point the domain to the hosting account.

The Inactive status requires you to activate the PHP memcache module in cPanel -> PHP Manager by SuperHosting.

The Active status means that the PHP module is enabled.

If you wish, you can disable it in cPanel -> PHP Manager by SuperHosting.

If all components except for the PHP memcache module are activated, the Memcached option will be disabled in the W3 Total Cache plugin settings. To activate it you first need to enable the PHP memcache module in PHP Manager by SuperHosting.

info-iconNote: If the domain is not pointing to this hosting account, the PHP memcache module might be enabled while still showing the Unavailable status. To check if the module is activated you might also use phpinfo.

W3 Total Cache Plugin + configuration

Activating and configuring the plugin W3 Total CacheW3 Total Cache is one of the existing WordPress plugins that supports Memcached.

In case you do not have other available caching plugins, install W3 Total Cache on your website to take advantage of the Memcached acceleration.

info-iconNote: We do not recommend using more than one caching plugins for your website. If you are already using such, check whether it supports the Memcached technology and configure it.

Click on Install and then Configure so as to set up proper settings for the Memcached service in the plugin.

You can also manually configure the caching settings in the WordPress admin panel. There you need to specify a host and port for connecting to the Memcached server.

After the plugin is automatically set up, go to the WordPress admin panel and clear the initially cached data (Empty the page cache and Empty the minify cache).

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